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UK Immigration Advice Service

We are a UK Immigration Advice Organisation specialising in most types of immigration to the UK. We deal with Entry Clearance applications from outside the UK, and applications to the Home Office for those that can be lodged from within the UK.


If you choose to become a client, our fees are very reasonable and paid by instalments as the case progresses, with an initial deposit. Our fees are not paid all up front as is the case with many other companies or organisations.

Immigration Visa Services UK is regulated by the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) and is a member of the Association of Regulated Immigration Advisers in the UK.
Many people believe that by surfing the internet for information about UK immigration, they can find enough information to be able to lodge their application and for it to be successful. This is not the case. Every case is different and applications need to be compiled carefully and completely. Visa departments do not ask applicant’s to provide ALL of the information needed to prove the application as is required, generally leaving opportunity for an application to be refused due to a lack of vital information. Applicants do not understand the requirements. Sponsor’s often assume that because they are British their spouse/fiancé(e)/partner/dependant will be treated with the utmost respect. This is certainly not the case! Visa Application Centres operated by British Visa Departments are proving themselves to be inconsistent in their approach and costly to contact by telephone. Information from them is sparse and generally inadequate. They are not permitted to provide immigration advice!
Applications to the UK are not formalities and are not just a matter of filling out the correct application form and providing the information requested. In order for people to have a clear insight into the requirements for various applications Immigration Visa Services-UK has produced a number of Visa Application packs. Visit the Download Area for Specific documentation relating to UK Visas.
Many applications that are lodged by applicants with no professional help are refused. We recommend you contact us before lodging any application to enable us to help you as a client.
In many cases it is possible to switch immigration status without clients having to leave the UK to re-apply.  
Find out more by Contacting us at:-

In some cases applications within the UK can be fast tracked.
If an Application has been refused, in many cases it is possible to Appeal the refusal. See: Appeals against Visa refusals. It is very important to seek help before an application is made.


Please note that the services we offer and charge fees for, are for our legal advice and consultation in regard to compliance with the UK Visa and Immigration rules, including preparation of letters and supporting documents a service which the the UK Visas and Immigration does not provide.


We are not affiliated with the UK Visas and Immigration and their website can be found at the following address;



Online visa applications are submitted and visa fees are paid through the UKVI web portal at;

 Don't have your UK Visa Application refused, Contact us before applying.


Please click here to e-mail us with your initial enquiry or e-mail to:-

We deal with the following types of Visa Applications from within the UK and from Overseas:

Unmarried Partners
Children and dependant family members.
Visit visas
Family visits
Family members of students
Family members of work permit holders
European Economic Area and family members
Fiancée to Spouse
Indefinite leave to remain
British Nationality
British Naturalisation

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